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Irina’s reason for being is to provide a refreshing and grounding approach to wellness and spirituality

With over a decade of experience in various spiritual modalities, conscious relational practices and personal development tools such as meditation, yoga, journaling, somatic therapy, authentic relating, and wisdom traditions from around the world, Irina's offerings are meant to be a catalyst for people to wake up to their true nature and highest potential.

She strongly believes that everyone has an internal guidance system (IGS) within them that can be accessed with relevant ancient and modern tools. Through supported self-reflection, you can reveal exactly what steps to take towards connecting with your IGS and executing it's unique signature. 

By inviting in humor, warmth and relatability into all areas of healing, her innovative process is intended to facilitate deep awakenings and transformations. 

With a genuine desire to serve and inspire others to remember who they truly are, Irina aims to empower individuals to bridge the gap between their human and divine selves by trusting in their own power, releasing unhealthy patterns, and living from a place of love and compassion.


This work is for you if:

  • You are willing to question, observe, release, and rediscover yourself in new way.

  • You feel that there is an untapped potential within yourself and are ready to embark on the inner journey to uncover it through practices that integrate the body, breath, mind, and spirit.

  • You have an interest in deepening your meditation, yoga, breathwork or journaling practices

  • You feel called to explore your spiritual journey in a more intentional and mindful way

  • You long for more purpose, meaning, presence, and connection in your daily life

  • What you've tried previously in terms of personal development and growth hasn't resonated with you or led to the insights and changes you were seeking

  • You find yourself stuck in unhealthy thought patterns, habits, or behaviors that you want to break free from

  • You sense that there is a deeper experience of life available but you're not quite sure how to access it

  • You want guidance and support from someone who has traveled a similar path before you

  • You're ready to commit to your own growth and awakening in a profound way

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